"Get your copy of the
UTI Report today!"

"All the information you have sent me has been very useful. Since reading your report I have had no attacks of cystitus.

Thanking you, Barbara Davies"
[email protected]


"Words can't describe how fast and effective your natural treatments worked for my girlfriend! Within minutes she felt relief and whenever she feels the symptoms returning she takes one to two of the 12 hour groups and feels better again. Prior to your help her doctor kept her on antibiotics with no relief and constant reoccurring pain and side effects.

Thank you so much for being there for her and so many other women who share this painful problem. Your e-books are so easy and fast to get it's amazing."

James Polselli
Boca Raton, FL
[email protected]


"I thought it would be hocus pocus and I would probably have to get my money back but it worked. I was amazed at the outcome. I hate antibiotics so I tried your program out of last resort desperation.


Sara Reynolds
Downers Grove, Illinois


I've suffered from UTI's for about 14 years. I've had them about 3 dozen times. THANK YOU for your remedy. I have learned a lot about gaining control of UTI's. This report contained a lot more information in one place than I have ever seen anywhere. I keep it on hand and always watch my diet, especially if I feel any twinge of a UTI. As with any health "issue" we must all take control by trying to maintain out GOOD health and AVOIDING the infections in the first place. And your report is the perfect thing to do this!! So if you're reading this and just want the best infor-mation out there about UTI's, download this report!! You may still need some antibiotics this time, but this could be the last time! Learn how now (or when you get back from the doctor and pharmacy) how to NOT have to go again.

Beth Simionescu
Lapeer, MI
[email protected]


"I was very skeptical, but desperate, when I downloaded the UTI report. I did not want to go on anti-biotics for this recurring problem. My diet is a very good one, no sugar, caffiene, etc., so the diet portion of the book did not apply, HOWEVER, the information about certain herbs absolutely changed my life!!! I use two herbs every single day to maintain a good balance of urinary tract health. I appreciate the information you gave, and even made some parsley tea! Whatever it was that I did utilizing the info you gave absolutely helped me enor-mously. As I said, I was extremely skeptical since I felt I was very knowledgeable about UTI's before. Now I know there is always something new to learn that can help enor-mously. I also want to say that when I went to Whole Foods to get the herbs, etc., the workers there all confirmed what you had shared. Thank you.

Harriette Knight
Valencia, CA

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Here are just a few customer
we've received:

"I thought my husband was crazy, until my fever broke...

I was sick for three weeks with a severe UTI. I had seen the doctor three times in those three weeks. I was having no luck on the first antibotics. Then went to 500mg of Cipro twice a day. My bacteria count went down to zero including the good bacteria were gone. I felt no better. Still had a fever between 99.6 to 101.0 depending on the time of day. I called the doctor to see what next, and they could get me in for a ultrasound of my bladder three weeks laters. I asked why so long, at this time I had a fever of 101.0 and felt miserable. That was the first appointment they had open. My husband being the great guy he is was a bit upset by this. My self, I was just trying to stay awake.

He decided to look to the internet for advice of what we could do at home to help me. When he said he was going to purchase a 12hour home remedy off the internet I thought he was crazy to pay for a home remedy. Isn't this information just available, it sounds like common sense. He printed it off and went shopping to get all the ingredients. After three hours of doing the the remedy I started sweating alot.

My fever had broke after three weeks!!!! I felt good enough to do the hour 4 by myself. I finished all the steps and they weren't to bad. Feeling great today. I'm stilling waiting to go in for my ultrasound of the bladder, to tell them of my home remedy. Thanks for caring so much. God gave us all that we need to take care of ourselves. You have been able to show this well.

Amy Anderson
Kasson, MN


"The Whole Experience was Extremely Easy!

Thank you to Barton Publishing for giving people an alternative to regular treatments of antibiotics.

Suffering from UTI's occasionaly for several years, I was very pleased to be able to improve my condition without prescriptions medications for once. The process did really work!!

Ordering, downloading the reports and the whole experience was extremely easy!

Keep up the great job!

Diane T.
Baton Rouge, LA



I loved it! What did I love about it? Well, I've had about 5 bladder infections within the past year and have been on antibiotics & pyridium every time. I hate taking any kind of prescriptions unless absolutely necessary. I found your info. and yes out of desperation bought it on-line.

It WORKS! I can't believe it but it really does and now I'm going to go get those strips that tell you about the acidity of your system so that if I start to get to much acid in my system I know what to do to alleviate it and not get another bladder infection. I'm so excited about my new found cure. Diana

Diana L.
Thousand Oaks, CA


"30 Year's of UTI's Now Under Control!

I have suffered with UTI for 30 years. Have tried every such cure on the market. Sure I'm skeptical, but I am willing to give it ago. So far so good, I have been able to control things through some of your management techniques. Here's hoping!

Leony W.
Glen Innes, Australia


"From Cloudy to Clear...

I was really helped by the treatment. I checked my urine and it was very cloudy. After the treatment it was completely clear. I have suffered from numerous UTI's and i hope never again if I follow your dirrections. Thank you very much.

Betty G.
Bronson, FL


"Fully Armed for Future Infections...

Hi, I got bladder infection after a cystocele, rectocele repair operation. I had NEVER had one before. When I downloaded your report, I was on antibiotics which knocked the infection. However, I hate antibiotics, and wanted a more natural way to wipe out any future UTI. I have studied the book, and feel fully armed now for any future infections. Thank you, Marilyn

Marilyn W.
North Webster, IN


It is a miracle, thank you thank you. I have read and followed one of the first simple steps and had instant relief from the dreaded initial sign "burning", which literally worked in the first hour. I also had no idea how much alcohol played a part in instigating this dreaded problem.

Jeniffer Killian
Wellington, New Zealand

"I started getting results by the third hour!!!!

I had my first UTI in December! Got a prescription and it cleared up within a week. Then I got it again 3 weeks later! Got the same prescription, and I noticed no change within 3-4 days of taking the antibiotic. In fact, the symptoms seemed to get worse!

What made the urgency for this to clear up was that I was scheduled to go on a 7 day cruise in 3 days! AHHHHHH!! I was beside myself!!! Desperate to say the least! Came across your website, and to be honest it was sheer desperation that made me purchase the report.

I was in such need of relief, I started your step by step plan at 6:00 in the evening. Don't you know, I started getting results by the third hour!!!! And I knew I wasn't crazy because I tested my urine ph level (using ph strips) before I started the regimen. The acidity of my urine when I first started was at dangerous levels---but by the third hour when I first started to feel a change---I tested my ph again and it was in the normal range.

It was a breeze from that point forward! Like you promised, I was totally UTI free within the 12 hour period, and was relaxed and ready to prepare and pack for what was a wonderful cruise!

Thank you a thousand times over! IT was worth EVERY penny!! Believe me! I would have paid hundreds of dollars for relief at that point and on top of that to ensure that the vacation that I paid thousands of dollars for was not totally ruined by UTI pain and discomfort!


A. M. Howard

"I got relief quicker than I've ever gotten...

I seem to suffer from uti's at least 3-4 times a year for as long as I remember. As a child, I had bladder infections and my pediatrician even performed a procedure in which they stretched my urethra(?) It may not seem to be a lot but let me tell you when I get them, they come on fast and furious.

I was truly amazed that I got relief from my uti and not need an antibiotic. I got relief quicker than I've ever gotten with an antibiotic. (I usually had to use an additional over the counter product to help with the pain of a uti)I have to say that I was not sure what to expect. But I was at my wits end with a uti and I happened along your website.

This report was so worth the money spent. In the long run it's a lot less expensive than trying to get to the doctor's office, pharmacy etc.

I also appreciated the information on how your diet can make the difference as well as natural herbs etc that fight uti's.

Thank you soo much for this report. It was nice that I was able to download the information so quickly as well. You have a great product.

I would recommend this report to others definitely!


"Can't say enough about your "home"-eopathic remedies. They would be a bargain at double the price...

Mr. Barton, Didn't try any remedies prior to your 12-hour regimen. Didn't know I had a problem stemming from a UTI until my urine began smelling like a cadaver. Once this happened and since I distrust the side effects of ANY drug sanctioned by the compromised FDA, I immediately sought a natural remedy.

My wife and I performed your 12-hour cleanse together. I had been getting up as many as 4 times throughout the night to urinate. Within 2 nights of completing your cleansing routine I now sleep straight through every night, my energy level is higher and my urine stream no longer feels "pinched".

I had also had some (slight) aching in my right kidney. Used your cleansing recipe for this organ also and have experienced no ache of any kind since.

Can't say enough about your "home"-eopathic remedies. They would be a bargain at double the price.

Thanks for everything.

Jim Cook, Southern California

"I am so happy that I now have this natural resource to use whenever I need it...

I was having severe "bone-chilling" pain and burning upon urination to the point of feeling like I was going to pass out from simply using the restroom.

I have had UTIs on and off for many years--3 in the past year.

I now have no insurance and am quite frankly tired of being given the lecture on how to avoid these. I have done all that to the best of my ability, but still suffer.

I bought the UTI report not expecting any result, but the money back guarantee was hard to pass up. After following the report for only a few hours the pain started to subside, and I was almost completely pain-free after I completed the cycle.

I did use it again a few days later to completely clear up the infection, and have had no problems from UTIs since.

I am so happy that I now have this natural resource to use whenever I need it.

Denise Tillery

"...and the UTI was gone...

I purchased the UTI Report for a cousin in Canada. Her daughter had a UTI that drugs didn't help even after several cultures and different antibiotics.

When she came home for the holidays, they started the regimen - not without a lot of protest.

I asked if it worked the next day. I got a begrudging "Yes Mom" implying her mother and I had ganged up on her :-) ... and the UTI was gone. That "yes" though was like the heavens opening up.

If the UTI had been anything less than totally gone, she would have spewed forth a river :-)

~ Rick G.,
Brooksville, Florida

"The burning sensation was gone!

I bought your report because I have tried everything to find a cure for my Urinary Tract Infections and nothing seemed to help.

I had constant lower abdomen pain, burning sensations, and had blood in my urine as I went to the washroom.

I started reading the report and put your remedy to use. After around 10 hours I felt amazing I went to the washroom 3 times and after the 3rd time the burning sensation was gone! 4 days later I have changed a few things in my diet and I am still Urinary Tract Infection Free!

I am thankful for finding your website.

Best Wishes

Manhattan, New York

"You have saved my life...

Now I can enjoy Thanksgiving with my family, who lives 2 1/2 hours from my home, without looking for a restroom enroute.

I am 78 years old, and I only have to get up at night once to use the bathroom now.

You have saved my life.

Clare Wiencek

"My Doctor... couldn't believe that I cured my UTI so fast without any medication...

I am very happy with this purchase! I was in a lot of pain and it was a Friday afternoon, I called and left a message for my doctor to call me back, but I would have to wait until Monday.

When you’re in pain you search everything to try and find relief. I went out and purchased this Friday evening...

I started feeling pretty good about the 9th hour into it.

I had a lot of skeptics asking me if I was doing some sort of weird voodoo magic. I feel so much better and I didn't have to wait until Monday for a solution.

When my doctor called me back I said I was all better and told them what I took, he couldn't believe that I had cured and got rid of my Urinary Tract Infection so fast without any medication.

Thank you so much!

Renee Thornton

"It was easy!

I followed the remedy from the UTI Report, and let me tell you... It was easy!

I started to feel better after a few hours.

The pain was completely gone after 24 hours.

It did wonders for me.

Marcel B.,
Sudbury, Ontario

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